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Home: Build Your Own Library Orientation


No More One-Size Fits All Library Orientations!

You know best what Library resources your students need for your class!


Take a look at what our Library offers and create the orientation that best fits your students' needs.


  • All offerings are student-centered! No lecture/presenations.
  • All offerings can be customized to accommodate your time frame and curriculum needs.
  • Need something you don't see? Just ask!

Teachers + Libraries = A Powerful Partnership

"Since 1992, a growing body of research known as the school library impact studies has consistently shown positive correlations between high-quality library programs and student achievement (Gretes, 2013; Scholastic, 2016). "

--Phi Delta Kappan, March 26, 2018

Literacy Promotion & Advocacy


The research is clear. Reading promotes academic readiness. Reading helps create empathy.

Using the Card Catalog


  • Your students will learn (or be reminded) where and how to use the Card Catalog to search and locate print resources, aka BOOKS!
  • Activity is 45-60 minutes in length.



Using the Card Catalog App


  • Give your students 24/7 access to Library materials with the Library App!
  • Personalized instruction on downloading the app, creating an account, and using it to search for books, place books on hold, and access BHS Library audiobooks and eBooks.
  • 30 minutes in length

What Do All These Colors Mean?



  • Introduces students to our color-coded Genrified Fiction section, as well as interactive Library displays, and other Library resources to help them browse and locate the perfect book.
  • 15 minutes in length. If paired with class book checkout, please allow 35 minutes.



We Love the Public Library


  • Make sure all your students have a public library card! We will help students complete the application (a great skill!) and coordinate card distribution with the public library.
  • Introduces all students to the great public library online resources (databases, eBooks, audiobooks, music, movies, magazines, etc.), as well the programming they provide for our students.
  • 20 minutes in length.


We'll Come to You!



  • Pop-up Libraries to support your class library and/or reading projects. Let us know your most popular titles and/or needs, and we'll bring a cart of books to leave in your room for students to check out.
  • Implement/assist with book speed-dating, book tastings, or other activities designed to encourage student reading.

Research & Information Literacy Instruction/Support

Image result for research

Never before has it been so critical for our students to be able to find, evaluate, and use information meaningfully & ethically!

The Library can support and provide instruction throughout the entire research process, including:


  • Topic selection, narrowing a topic
  • Developing Essential Research Questions/Preliminary Research
  • Finding & Evaluating Sources
  • Thesis statement development
  • Citation Information

Sampling of Research & Information Literacy Lessons:

  • Database Smackdown--60 minutes in length
  • Database Digital Breakout--45 minutes in length
  • Research Guides--Curated Resources and Research Instruction all in one place! 10-20 minutes in length.


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Give your projects a boost!  The Library MakerStudio provides instruction and support for:

  • 3D Printing--make artifacts!
  • Electronics & Circuits (including LED lights!)
  • Video Production (360 Camera) & Green Screen
  • AR/VR
  • Upcycling
  • Well-stocked craft room, including Silhouette Cameo, Bedazzler